The world of technology infrastructure is changing rapidly. Peer 1 provides flexible hosting solutions to fast-growing tech businesses in the Digital, Commerce and Content sectors. Our services range across the whole spectrum of Cloud offerings through to delivering fully managed platforms for our global customers.

What makes us unique is that our people are friendly, flexible and responsive. Strange as it may seem that’s very unusual in the tech business… and important! Things sometimes go wrong in the world of bleeding edge technology and when they do our clients appreciate our commitment to fixing things fast and keeping them informed. Oh, and we’re pretty big and growing fast… just so you know.

The EngageSciences social marketing activation platform goes beyond the quest for likes and enables brands to drive true fan advocacy. With messaging, monitoring, pages and apps, brands deliver exceptional campaigns on Facebook and other social networks. All optimized for desktop & mobile. Real-time analytics and deep segmentation reveal lifetime value of fans and progression from spectators, to engaged users and ultimately brand advocates. Delivering a data goldmine to the marketing department.


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